Character Asks

Terry Birch Character Ask 1

So here we have the first new post on the new blog. For those who missed the posts on Patreon, Google decided to remove my blog and lock my Google account, effectively removing a huge chunk of my life in the matter of a few seconds. I’ve kept all of my art over the years and plan to, over time, re-upload it to this new site. However, access to my YouTube and Drive accounts has also been lost, and with it my personal writings, including novels and short stories I had worked on in college, as well as my AMV channel that I take so much pride in. I’m very devastated by this, but the kind words and support from my followers and friends has helped me pull myself together and push forward. I am appealing the closing of my account, though I have no idea how that will go. That being said, I hope we can make this new site even bigger and better than the old Bloggspot one was. As for today’s post:

Here’s Terry’s first Character Ask! I’ve hinted at the history of Terry and Mickie, but I took the opportunity to use this Ask to introduce Terry’s mother Rosalynne (although she looks different these days than she did when this photo was taken, just like Mickie does).

Riley Freeman Character Ask 1

Here’s another Character Ask, this one directed at Riley. I’ve only ever drawn Riley through commissions so far, but I’d like to do more with him and Huey some day. There should be more Boondocks stuff around here eventually; I’m currently working on another commission from the series, plus the next MomSwap entry is gonna be Boondocks.

As for this Ask, it seems Riley’s still not entirely comfortable talking about or even acknowledging the things he and Huey get up to behind closed doors. Maybe some day he can break free from that.