hentaib – Mickey and the Queen, Page 1

So, while going through old work folders to re-upload old shit to this new site, I came across two doujins I had already made a lot of progress in coloring. One is a DBZ doujin I plan to return to after I finish this one, but this one is a great Mickey/Minnie comic by an artist called hentaib. I tried contacting this artist on FurAffinity back in the day, and never heard back, but I’m going to go ahead and share my version of the comic anyway.

The artist is Japanese, and so this doujin reads right-to-left. It’s also based on something most of you probably won’t know (I had to do quite a bit of digging to figure it out). It’s based on the live show “Mysterious Masquerade” they did at Tokyo Disney Sea for Halloween in 2009. Basically, the plot revolves around a Halloween party by the Disney characters. The party is crashed by some ghosts (thanks to Donald fucking around with some cursed tribal mask’s spear), and everyone but Mickey ends up possessed. Daisy becomes an Aztec goddess, Goofy becomes a pirate, Chip and Dale become Chinese ghosts, and Minnie becomes an evil Egyptian Queen. While possessed they have no memory of who they used to be, which is what this comic focuses on. None of the other characters come into play here, but the main starting point for this comic seems to be a scene in the show where “Queen Minnie” doesn’t recognize Mickey and calls him a commoner. This doujin will show Mickey taking some extreme measures to try and get Minnie to remember him.

By the way, if you’re at all interested in cute Mickey Mouse porn, I recommend checking out hentaib’s FA gallery here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/hentaib

Maleficent BGM

So here’s the last of the three pics I had 100% complete for my scrapped “Bad Girls Month” project. Maleficent is a character I came to appreciate a lot more as an adult than I did when I was younger, and the chance to draw her was a big selling point for me when it came to the BGM concept. As it is I hope to draw more of her some day, probably with Princess Aurora again as well. I’ve enjoyed these two as a pair long before the live action film did it, and the odds are good that anything more I do with them will be in a similar vein to this.

Lord Dominator BGM

So this is the second of three pics I had 100% finished for my cancelled “Bad Girls Month” project, which I explain in detail in this post. This entry features Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder, a pic I finished earlier this year on my sister’s birthday. I made a point of finishing it then since it was part of my birthday present to her. She really loved Dominator, and had been pushing me to do a pic of her for a while.

My first instinct is to have Dominator be more, well… dominant, and if she was paired with someone like Wander or Hater I would totally go that route. However, I also liked the idea that Dominator might, from time to time, choose to give up control and just get fucked hardcore by some beefy alien studs. Maybe the change of pace thrills her, though to keep it a secret she probably has them executed or something afterwards. It’s fun while it lasts, though, and it provides an opportunity to see a different side of the sociopathic universe crusher here in this pic.

Elsa Eats Ass

So this picture came about mostly through discussion in the chat box. After the SFM compilation of Frozen I did recently, someone made the off-had observation that there wasn’t much content of Elsa performing analingus on dudes. While I can’t personally verify the amount of such content, it got me thinking about the idea and I liked it. I’ve always found female-on-male analingus sexier the classier the woman is, and Elsa’s pretty damn classy. Since the image I had in mind would be pretty easy to pump out quickly (and I needed some quick content), I decided to do it and here it is.

I do like this even more than I thought I would, though, and I may do a follow-up at some point. I like the idea of Elsa just loving the taste of ass, and maybe eating a dude’s backside out while her sister sucks him off. We’ll see if I ever get around to drawing that, but it seems possible to me.