Camp Woody Ch. 1 – Camp Chaos Page 8 (Remake)

And with this we finish up my remastered pages for the Camp Chaos comic. This page here is what got me wanting to remake these pages. I was really looking forward to this scene when I started on the project with Linno doing the art. It covers a number of my oldest (i.e., pre-high school) fetishes. Older/younger lesbian, interracial lesbian, strap-on, cum in mouth, sex as payment, blowjob under desk/table, all of thd poese are things I’ve enjoyed for as long as I’ve enjoyed porn, so this scene was right up my alley. However, and I hate to say this because I try not to disparage other artists, but I was simply underwhelmed by the page we got. So, once the comic was done, I came back and redid the whole set to try and keep a more consistent quality through the chapter. Of course, this page is now (in my opinion) better than the original pages I did, since so much time has passed, but I think I’m going draw the line on remaking pages from this comic.

I intend to do more with Slim on the Camp Woody project in the future. He’s currently working with other artists on a chapter, but we’ve discussed future pages that I can come in and work on, so hopefully there will be more Camp Woody stuff from in the future.

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