Lunaflame – Streaming with Boys, Page 6

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  1. T.K

    What would be very interesting is if you do a short Naruto x Konohamaru comic, an aftermath for Konohamaru after Steaming with Boys as its clear Naruto saw this “naughty” side of his “pupil” while watching the live stream and decide that when they would meet next, he should take action.

  2. elbykitty

    Poor Naruto has to resort to fapping, but i guess he is the one usually getting in on Konohamaru’s ass. That might have been too much if he was there, Konohamaru could barely handle two giant shota cocks.

  3. JinseiDaggers12

    What would be a hott continuation of this would be their next session would be with Ben Tennyson, then after their session is just about done Konohamaru comes storming in with a BIG pregnant belly and not only are both Trunks and Goten confused as to how it happened they want to do a special on finding out who the father is. The special would be the Third and final comic with them all having another 3-some while waiting on the test results, after finding out who it is….well I’ll leave that last part for you to fill in Near.

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