A Trip to the Past, Page 08

Here’s the eighth page of “A Trip to the Past”! Exciting, right? There’s a new wrinkle to the story added here, after Gohan has worn Goten and Trunks out with his endless appetite.
This is going to be the last ATTTP page for a bit. We’ll be resuming this comic eventually, but I realize how long it’s been that I’ve been leaving my other comics on the shelf. So I’m going to take a break from this one and do a handful of pages for each of my ongoings (starting with Special Training, but I wanna do 2-3 pages for each of them). So I guess the last panel of this comic is a cliffhanger! Yay!


  1. TK

    I love this page, especially with the cliffhanger where Goku shows up to his naked son, something similar that happened in another comic where Gohan pleases himself and his father happens to stumble upon what he is doing. I wonder if Goku can/ will satisfy Gohan’s hunger for sex… Plus, what will happen if and when trunks and Goten return and Goku sees them as well…

  2. Giovanni

    Gohan is a slut. Well, with those cocks, I would be a slut too.
    And it’s unbelievable that Trunks and Goten are exhausted. If I was Gohan, I would not let them go.

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