Bulma Riding Trunks

I’ve been trying to make some progress on some of the simpler sketches I have lying around, many of which are simple pics of DBZ ladies (like the Chi-Chi/Gohan one I released not long ago). This is one I did mostly because I just really wanted to draw Dragon Ball Super Bulma, and figured people would be happy to see her paired with Trunks (even if his face doesn’t appear in this pic). I came across this pose a couple times in my live action porn collection and thought it was interesting. It has a lot of the elements I like about the “full nelson” pose, but is easier to pull off with pairings where the one being fucked is larger than the person fucking them. I might use this pose more in future pics.


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      1. Meme

        Wouldn’t it be more of bisexuality, Near? Correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I’ve read, the difference between bisexual and panssxual is with pan- linking other gender identities. I mean, it’s their own way of thinking, so I could be entirely wrong, but it’s something to consider.

        I dunno. \_(‘-‘)_/

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          The truth is there just aren’t any trans characters that I’ve drawn them with, but if the opportunity were presented I can’t imagine them turning down a trans woman or anything. Hell, Trunks himself has crossdressed in my work and might could be classified as gender-fluid.

          Honestly, though, I approach my work as if every character in everything is pansexual. Some of them may be in denial about it (like Riley from Boondocks, who’s very adamant about how not-gay he is), but I prefer imagining a world where anyone would fuck anyone.

    1. Anya

      You do know that’s what breasts do, right? Like… they are subject to the laws of gravity. This is a realistic depiction of the female body in this position and the artist did a fantastic job portraying the form and laws of physics.

      As a female bodied human, I’m pretty sure I’m right.

      1. Isaac

        Yes I know it, but I think the difference between the two is too big not from a realism point of view, but in terms of graphic rendering, his right one is rounder and has a smaller areola, while his left is more deflated and the areola more imposing.

  1. Madeline Lightfoot

    I could almost buy this as the real reason we ended up with a blue haired Trunks in the future. Now it all makes sense!

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