Killua Zoldyck Character Ask 7

Like Trunks says, Killua and Trunks have interacted a couple times in the One-Shot comics. In the August ’17 comic Trunks fucks and gets blown by Killua, and in the January ’18 comic Killua rims Trunks. While I don’t currently plan to do a pic specifically following up on this Ask, but I’m sure you guys can imagine what follows.Maybe we’ll get to see more of these two interacting if there are other One-Shots for it or if I use them for a Xoverse concept or something.

Also, here’s the thrilling final episode of my video series about the superhero characters I made when I was younger. I hope those of you who watched this series at least found it interesting. 🙂


  1. TK

    From doing my research, Trunks and Killua only got together during cross over orgies (twice) and Killua was either on the receiving end, or giving Trunks a stunning Blowjob. To specify the question, Nikki Carnello wants just the two of you to get down and have sex, an interesting cross over indeed.

    As for you Trunks and Killua, since both of you are excellent tops and bottoms, maybe you could take turns and switch thing around, get a better feel who should be top and bottom.

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