Son Goten Character Ask 2

This Ask is of the same variety as many others where it’s just the character standing and talking in order to answer. I decided to have Goten answer while naked because, well… I thought maybe y’all would like it better that way. I dunno, should I do more of the Asks that turn out this way sans clothes?
But anyway, Goten’s answer her made sense to me. After Goten has cum, rather than continuing and cumming again, he’ll switch and Trunks will fuck him until he cums. Seems pretty basic and the obvious way to go about things when both partners are switches like these two.


  1. Anon

    Yes please! Continue to do more Asks sans clothes, all the characters look a lot better that way, plus it fits the mood a lot better 😉

  2. Anon99

    Sometimes naked is fine. IMO, you should show them in between getting dressed or undressed, like you caught them in between performances.

  3. SevenfoldMan

    In this pic, Goten has the perfect shota body. I don’t like too much the idea that he has a huge penis, even though I love your work of him, but I hope one day you will use a great body like this with a penis according to him 🙂

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