Son Gohan Character Ask 7

There are a couple of different ways to interpret this question, but in the end I decided I wasn’t comfortable giving a concrete answer on this subject. Gohan’s too young and the situation is too, uh… uncomfortable. Honestly, I don’t think Gohan’s repressing anything, he was just young is all. Raditz didn’t really have Gohan long enough to try anything. But I guess this person was fishing for something so I tried to leave it open-ended but still provide a cute little pic of Gohan.


  1. BaconLettuceMoms

    I love seeing Gohan, but I wish he had other partners so it is not just incest all the time. How about Gohan and Cabba? Or Tarbel? Or Gohan and Boruto? Johnathan Kent? Deku is turning out to be as big a slut as Gohan.

    I would love to see Gohan be the top and “break in” Bakugo’s asshole. It can be a humbling experience, Daku’s going to be as strong as Gohan someday, “Ka-chan” needs to learn his place.

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