Charmander and Bulbasaur Character Ask 1

Asks for the Pokémon, even the Near Pokédex ones, are always hard because I try not to ever have them talk. I suppose with the anthro designs for the ‘dex versions they might could, but it feels weird and I prefer not to have them talk with words. So with this Ask, where my thought process was “If you’re picking a starter for your adventure, that’s a personal decision”, I decided to just have both Charmander and Bulbasaur present the goods. It’s up to the trainer to decide who will be the best fit for them on their Pokémon journey.

Also, I’m trying out a new thing. Just me rambling for about twenty minutes or so:


  1. Moon Prince

    Bulbasaur, alwaaaays Bulbasaur haha

    Nice video, it’s awesome to hear your process and how you work things out when doing the characters in different situations and the asks and, I can understand what you mean by wanting it to make sense, like I said all in all its pretty cool to hear how you do things

    I do my own art for whatever reason elsewhere and regardless of what art you do or what subject matter you use I think your pretty great your arts very often on point your consistent and you get your poses to look great

    But if a ramble but I like your art your a bit of an inspiration for me XD as much of a lurker I am haha

    1. Post

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