Son Gohan Character Ask 8

Somewhat surprisingly, this is Gohan’s first solo Ask since I switched from the old grey backgrounds. He’s appeared in other Asks, of course, but not a solo one in a while. So I had a lot of thoughts when it came to this Ask. I suspect the goal of this question was maybe to try and facilitate some visual representation of one of TFS’s many sex jokes, but I can’t be sure. I haven’t watched DBZ Abridged in years and don’t make any effort to keep up with the memes. Instead I figured this would be a good chance for Gohan to nerd out for a bit, though his answer here is rather abridged (no pun intended). It was also a good chance to slip in a little continuity nod with his tutoring of Maka Albarn from a previous Ask. I’d originally planned to show him reading a book while giving the answer, but when I was working out the pose I thought it’d be cuter to position the camera behind him. I still think he’s reading, but now it’s like the “camera” just walked into the room behind him and he’s taking a break from reading to give the answer.


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