Shinra Kusakabe

Here’s a Mini Commission featuring Shinra Kusakabe of Fire Force. I’ve never seen this series, nor do I know anything about this boy, but I saw him smiling like this a lot when I looked him up and thought it’d be a good look for this pic. Hope you all enjoy the view!



    without a doubt fire force has become my favorite manga and the anime is really incredible because of the spectacular entertainment, so if you have time available I would recommend you to take a look, by the way right there is my favorite boy of all I’ve seen, arthur boyle I hope someday you can draw it

  2. E

    This is one of the male characters prominently featured by Asian yaoi animation artist Danzi Engine (aka Shiba Yuuji). Be careful, though- while he draws and animated nothing but yaoi, a good portion of his work is also centered around shota… =/

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