Yoichi Yukimura Character Ask 2

I’m three for three on crack crossover pairings so far in Asks for this set!
So, I had some reservations about how to handle this one. Yoichi’s very gay in his game, but everyone in the Studio is pansexual. It doesn’t seem like to much of a stretch to me that he’d be willing to get with a girl here and there, but I don’t think he’d be into tsundere types. Yoichi himself is basically the tsundere of Camp Buddy, and it seems unlikely to me that a tsundere would be drawn to another… What Yoichi’s to embarassed to say in his answer here is he’s drawn more to people like Keitaro. Kipo here is a similar sort of protagonist, I think. Honest and compassionate, wanting to be friends with everyone, I think she’s got a lot in common with Keitaro, so I can see Yoichi connecting with her in a similar way. Also, her purple color scheme matches his well. I almost didn’t draw them actually fucking, just standing around, but in the end I decided to go ahead and go all-in with it. If any Camp Buddy fans are upset seeing Yoichi with a girl, all I can say is sorry, but I draw canonically straight characters in yaoi porn all the time. A tiny bit of the reverse won’t hurt anyone.


  1. ominous

    “A tiny bit of the reverse won’t hurt anyone”

    Well that didn’t age well did it?

    You’ve caused an outburst and enraged Camp Buddy Players and the LGBTQ+ community alike.

    This is just uncalled for. You should’ve settled for the idea of just them standing around being friends but NO- you just have to make them fuck.

    You’re a traitor and you will pay for this

    1. Post

      Eh, that quote is every bit as true now as it was then. I’d say it’s aged pretty well, maybe even better given the hyperbolic reaction of a small handful of people.

      1. Andi

        Maybe you can just not do camp buddy anymore I know that sounds so fucking rude but like you did make people angry which was not your intentions but like us members in the lgbt community don’t get that much gay characters and yoichi is a fan fave in the community so seeing him or any gay character fucking a female makes them sad as it doesn’t feel special anymore.

  2. Sister Emmie

    In my honest opinion, it would’ve been much better if they were just standing around and doing buddy stuff rather than sexual intercourse.

    1. Post
  3. Josegiles666

    As a member of the LGBTQ community I feel disappointed in my own community being Lil bitches just because of some picture like who cares

  4. YoichiYukimura69

    I… I really didnt like this but i respect your art because i know you must worked really hard on it. I understand some people are angry at it but… Its just not cannon so just be careful in the future. Love u ❤️

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