Gohan Head Down, Ass Up

This here’s a Mini Commission, featuring Gohan getting fucked doggystyle sometime during the Saiya-jin Saga. Gohan has a couple different looks during this saga, but I went with his design from the final battle with Vegeta. The supporter who nominated this idea didn’t specify who should be fucking him, so I left it open. You can probably imagine that dick belonging to any of the normal-skinned characters involved in that whole thing… Vegeta, Nappa, Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, Goku… Whatever floats your boat, I guess.


  1. Ozzy Walsborn

    Even when he’s little, Gohan still has thick buttcheeks. Near, is Gohan ass an important factor of your drawings of him?
    I’m just kinda curious

  2. Frisky

    To be honest, the dick skin tone only matches Vegeta and Yamcha. Nappa can be a candidate but the Saga and list suggests Vegeta’s brown dick pounding his ass

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