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So here’s a commission featuring Naruto’s kids, Boruto and Himawari. The client wanted to see Himawari really enjoying her end of the double-ended dildo, while Boruto is trying to hold back his reaction. I don’t have any particular fondness for these characters, but I hope everyone enjoys seeing them here.


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    I’ve gotta ask: What’s with your dislike of Naruto and Boruto? I see it on almost every Naruto image, but never the reason why?

    Do you just not like the manga/anime? If that’s the case, alright, but it seems super vehement.

    Is it because of a commission previously that left a bad taste? If so, it’s not really the anime’s fault.

    Either way, keep doing what you’re doing.

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      I did a video a while back explaining it:

      But basically it’s the commission thing you mentioned. It’s not the anime’s fault but, like… the anime’s not a person. I’m not worried about hurting its feelings. Besides that, though, I do think it’s just kinda a junk anime with an ugly aesthetic. There’s only one character in the entire franchise I find even remotely attractive, so that makes it pretty difficult to enjoy drawing porn of it.

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