Trunks Riding Goten

This was an annual commission for one of my Master Tier supporters. All they wanted to see was Goten fucking Trunks, the pose and everything else was left up to me. I decided to return to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the scene, since besides being a recognizable recurring location, it’s also pretty simple and easy to work in. I decided to do a pic focusing on Trunks’ butt and feet, since I figured at least a couple of you guys would appreciate that.


  1. ghosts

    Dios, como me encantaría que goten y trunks me estén dando de todos los lados, chuparles las vergas y que se corran en mi garganta y cara, tragarme su semen, y que me rompan el culo a cogidas. Me encanta masturbarme con ellos

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