EcchiMask – Sharing My Dad, Page 3

If you’d like to see more of EcchiMask’s art, you can find his (SFW) DeviantArt here:
And his (NSFW) HicceArs here:
And here is where he posts most of his adult work:

Page three of EcchiMask’s comic “Sharing My Dad”. While Ash hides in panic under the bed, to his shock he witnesses Gohan start to undress! We’ll see just why he’s getting naked in the next page.


  1. Devin

    I love seeing Ash in gay stuff! It’s way fun and I love Gohan (he is like so freaking hot I want him to be real so I can touch his balls… Then I could make any wish I want… Wait that’s not how it goes??? The balls are all around the world.

    Silly me! I wish that’s how it went though then all you’d have to do is find Teen/Buff!Adult Gohan rub his balls and then You’d two wishes (by rubbing Gohan’s balls) you’d get to give Gohan an orgasm which would take care of wish one and then you’d get a wish for yourself.

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