Kale Character Ask 1

This is the first time I’ve drawn Kale in anything other than her base form, I believe. I’m honestly not a huge fan of her transformations (and I like muscle girls), this one in particular I never really got how her hair was supposed to work. But I wanted to take a stab at drawing her like this, even if I wasn’t 100% sure how she should answer. I think Kale probably wouldn’t care much about anyone’s opinion of her except Caulifla’s, and I tried to get that across here. Sure, some people like her buff, some don’t, whatever. As long as she has Caulifla’s attention I’m sure Kale will be happy.


  1. Deku#1Hiro4life

    great job Near-Sensei like always hope to see more Kale in the future also would love to see Califla Again or Kefla I really love those Female characters along characters like (Videl, Android 18, Chi-Chi, Zangya, Burma, Cocotte, and Android 21) have a great day Near I love your art so much

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