September ’20 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot I did for subscribers for September. This one was interesting in that it was a one-sentence concept, Android 18, Bulma and Chi-Chi thank Gohan for saving the world from Cell. It didn’t specify anything beyond that, but I figured I could do one panel for each possible threesome pairing with that premise, and then use the last two to fit in all three ladies at once. I decided to add in dialogue to help carry the premise along, too, though hopefully it’s not too distracting.


  1. Quras93

    The drawing I like very much the positions in which the characters are presented and the general appearance is great

  2. Mfck0569

    This my favorite drawing of all your job. It has everything in a single One-Shot. As fan of pornstar Mike Adriano the triple blowjob teaming panel is exactly as Mike’s videos on Swallowed. Superb.

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