Cocotte’s Orientation, Part Two

It’s been over a year since I did part one of this series. I really didn’t think it’d take this long for me to get around to the second part, but here we are. Cocotte’s not really a rookie in the Studio anymore, but this series takes place back when she was. ^_^ At any rate, I hope to get to part three sometime before another full year passes, but we’ll see. Things tend to come up and get in the way, and I always have a full plate these days.


  1. Ali Davis

    Hey dude. You remember that Space Warped comic where Goten and Trunks went to other universes to fuck other boys? Are you guys ever going to finish that or did you abandon that project?

    1. Post

      I was the colorist on that project. The project’s lead artist, Malezor, felt he couldn’t continue it due to the amount of Patreon work he had. If that ever changes and he wants to draw more it will continue, but I can’t color what hasn’t been drawn.

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