February ’21 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic I did for February over on SubscribeStar, based on a script submitted by one of my subscribers. The winning script for February was a simple crossover between the main guy and gal from both Fire Force and Black Clover. I don’t watch either of these shows, but I know they both have pretty good-sized fanbases, and I hope they overlap enough for people to really be able to enjoy this. We got most of the possible pairings out of these four possible (except a couple different ones for Tamaki), but unfortunately the script didn’t make any room for a yuri pairing with Noelle and Tamaki. Regardless, this comic does mark Tamaki’s official Near Hentai debut, even if her face is a little buried under balls.


  1. Noelle

    Hey Near, I’m sorry to bother you. Was just wondering if you took commissions? You can email me if you do with the address I provided

    1. Post
  2. Ultimate Man

    I love the way their balls hang while fucking Noelle. Her feet and asshole in the shot too. Everything is hot.

  3. Blissy

    Could you link in the source inspiration image for the bottomleft image? I want to use the real-life position image or original ref for my own piece

    1. Post

      I don’t have them anymore, but I used a couple of different screenshots off PornHub to composite that pose.

  4. Red Fire 2013

    I love this picture so much, Asta with Tamaki and Shinra with Noelle makes it so hot, but the sweetest dot of this picture, is the Yaoi pairing, with Asta fucking Shinra, simply, a perfect masterpiece.

  5. Red Fire 2013

    Sorry, I meant Shinra with Noelle and Asta with Tamaki, I was a little confused and that’s why I confused the names of those girls.

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