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Noelle Silva Character Ask 5

So, fun fact, but back in 2019 when these two both won NHML raffles, I came very close to doing a pic with them together. Similar to the Palm/Biscuit image I did, I thought a pic pairing two NHML winners from the same show would be fun to do. At the time, I wasn’t sure if these two ever interacted, as I’ve only seen the first few episodes of Black Clover. I assumed, however, that as the only women from their universe they’d have some ground to connect on in the Studio. When doing this Ask I did see that they they do in fact meet eventually, though I’m still not sure on what their relationship is like in the show. All I really saw was articles and videos speculating on who would end up with Asta, though I’m not sure if the show itself pits them as rivals. Either way, I think Noelle and Lily as a pairing in the Studio is a fun one I can get behind. I guess let me know if anyone would be interested in seeing more of these two together, I could imagine maybe doing some normal pics of them outside of Asks if there’s interest.

Pan Character Ask 1

Pan is one of only a handful of Dragon Ball characters I’ve drawn but never done crossover stuff with. I figured this Ask was as good a chance as any to rectify that, so here we are. Perhaps it’s because I usually draw her with Bra (and, to a lesser extent, Marron), but I picture Pan being into classy/trendy girls, in contrast to her own tomboyish nature. There’s plenty of characters like that in the Studio, far more than she mentioned here, but I chose Noelle as the example mostly because I know people like her, but I just don’t see myself drawing much Black Clover content outside of Asks. Also, I think this is a fun, unusual pairing, and I always enjoy throwing strange crossovers out there.

Noelle Silva Character Ask 3

I don’t feel like I’ve drawn Asta and Shinra’s cocks super differently, personally, so I figured if Noelle would’ve had a preference, it’d be on an emotional level. I may not know much about Black Clover, but I know she’s got sort of a tsundere-style crush on Asta, so that gives him an edge in this competition. Sorry for zooming the image in enough that you can’t see the boys’ faces, but I think their skin tones are just different enough that people should be able to tell them apart. Just in case it’s not clear, though, Shinra is on the left side of the pic, while Asta is on the right.

Noelle Silva Character Ask 2

I don’t usually like doing these “size comparison” pics, whether it’s asses, tits or cocks. It seems to me like it’d be easy to just look at any pics I’ve done of characters and get the answer, but I went ahead and decided to pick this one up. A poll I ran recently has lead me to believe people are interested in seeing more of Noelle’s ass, and I always enjoy drawing Ochaco, so this was an easy and simple excuse to do both.

February ’21 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic I did for February over on SubscribeStar, based on a script submitted by one of my subscribers. The winning script for February was a simple crossover between the main guy and gal from both Fire Force and Black Clover. I don’t watch either of these shows, but I know they both have pretty good-sized fanbases, and I hope they overlap enough for people to really be able to enjoy this. We got most of the possible pairings out of these four possible (except a couple different ones for Tamaki), but unfortunately the script didn’t make any room for a yuri pairing with Noelle and Tamaki. Regardless, this comic does mark Tamaki’s official Near Hentai debut, even if her face is a little buried under balls.

Noelle Silva Character Ask 1

I wasn’t completely sure how I wanted to handle this Ask… I’ve never watched Black Clover, and I only have a passing impression of what Noelle is like as a character. I do know she’s rather full of herself (though I’m sure this softens as the series goes on), and I figured an answer like this wouldn’t be too out there for her. I didn’t really feel like it’d be fitting to have someone actually kissing her ass, though, given her response, so we just get a rather elegant look at her from behind instead.

Noelle Silva NHML

So, here’s the story with this pic. I’d originally planned to have Asta and Yuno double teaming Noelle here. While I was working on it, though, I was suddenly uncertain if Noelle even knows Yuno? I only have the first seven or so episodes downloaded, and I’ve only skimmed them, never watched properly, but it seems like Asta and Yuno might be split up after they leave the orphanage? Anyway, looking back at the episodes I had I kinda felt like Noelle’s circle of relationships might not include Yuno (maybe it does later, I don’t know), but rather than cut him out and change the pic entirely, I just changed what little of his head was visible to make him a character named Magna Swing. I don’t know much about him, but in the opening Noelle is riding some kind of dragon thing sandwiched between him and Asta and, well… I saw parallels between that and this pic so he got the spot. Anyway, sorry if my lack of knowledge about Black Clover has ruined this pic for anyone, but I wasn’t prepared to spend more time debating this matter with myself than I already had. At least early on in the series these three seem like a bit of a team, so here we are.

While looking for a replacement cock I did find a cute witch character I liked as a potential partner for Noelle. The Black Clover Wiki describes their friendship in a way that makes me think they’d be good together, but of course by then I’d already committed to using male characters. I don’t have any specific plans to draw Black Clover again, but if I do it might be Noelle x Vanessa.

With this post, NHML nominations for the month of November are now open. For those who don’t know, I’ll run down the rules real quick. Nominations are limited to one per person. You can nominate any female character you want, provided I have not drawn her within the past calendar year (though I prefer characters I’ve never drawn, period). Previous NHML winners are not eligible for a second time. Nominees must also not be from the same franchise as this month’s winner, Black Clover. If you violate any of those rules, I’ll let you know, and you can nominate someone else. I know it can be hard to keep track of these things. You may nominate by either commenting in the cBox, commenting on this post, or emailing me (Nearphotison2010@yahoo.com). I’ll compile a list of the nominees in the sidebar of this site, and then on November 1st I will use a randomizer to select the winning character who I will proceed to draw sometime that month. I look forward to seeing who you all nominate this time around!