Yamcha Character Ask 2

I feel like, given how I’ve portrayed Yamcha so far, the answer here was probably pretty obvious. Of course, there’s no shame in being a bottom, but Yamcha strikes me as the type who would be too embarrassed to admit to it. We’ve established that characters usually set up how they answer, you know, so I think Yamcha was probably planning to prove what a top he was by bringing Trunks in to bottom for him (which he’s done for plenty of others), but it didn’t go the way he’d planned so he just ended up pleading his case on the floor while Trunks wears his ass out.
Of course, I could’ve used pretty much anyone for this joke to work, but I decided on Trunks ’cause I like the idea that Yamcha’s slowly getting fucked by everyone in Bulma’s family over time.


  1. Boomboom

    An arrogant/cocky shota Trunks fucking older boys is my favorite stuff on here. It’s why I was so excited for “Space Warped”.

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