Disrespectful Tongue

I’ve wanted to do something with Lady Tremaine for a while. I realize not everyone will agree, but I find her to be quite the handsome woman, and lewding her was very exciting for me. I think the most straightforward way to lewd her is like this, dominating Cinderella in some capacity. I’m not sure if or when I’ll get to draw her again, but I do think I’d like to try and do something with her and the Fairy Godmother at some point, even though they don’t interact in the movie.


  1. Devin

    I want to see an OC get revenge for Cinderella… She doesn’t look like she HATES this but the girl puts up with way too much. She vents to her mice friends ONCE and now she’s being punished. Her poor tongue!

    On the bright side she’s learning a skill she could use on her Fairy Godmother or her Prince Charming… It’s always the quiet ones who are up for anything.

  2. Frank

    There’s sadly very few hentai pic of Cinderella and even fewer of her wicked stepfamily. I want to say thank you for this contribution, I could totally see this happening. Hopefully we’ll see Anastasia or Drizella next.

    1. Post

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