Casey Buckner

This is a drawing I first sketched out in 2018. At the time, there was a character I liked in the game Gay Harem, and I wanted to get someone in Applebridge who had a similar energy. The idea is to get a pretty buff, thicc guy with long hair and a cute, feminine face. I wasn’t confident about the character at the time, though, and put the pic aside after getting the drawing partially inked. I think I just wasn’t completely happy with the actual image, and I also wasn’t sure if people would be into him or not. After the character came up on my Discord, though, I decided to go ahead and finish this image to get him out there.
Casey’s a bit like Corinne was, in that I don’t really have much of an idea of who he is beyond his basic design. Maybe I’ll be able to figure that out for him later, I dunno, but for now I just wanted to see if people were into him. I do have a couple ideas for pics I’d like to do with him if there’s interest, but if not I’m okay with letting him slip into the background.


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