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Near Hentai Studio Tour – “Half-Hungry” Version

PC: https://mega.nz/file/ihJAGKgA#IfIQ5KhPpjX8nZC0_R4-8ofMLpBKuPhNF9u5IQQyTzA
Mac: https://mega.nz/file/n9QjAIZB#phPcVKpvA4ZwDK71txUCYhDWOoM7-ozGrRwiX7yC3oE

So, my plan for this update was to do one big update focused on the Food Court in the Studio. I would add a bunch of restaurants, all with characters you could meet and fuck. These characters have less dialogue and simpler scenes than the previous focus characters, but would still be people I think many of you would enjoy getting more intimate with. However, the list of characters I planned to include was rather long, and it was (as always) taking longer than I’d like to work through them all. So, here where I’m roughly halfway through the update I decided to release a partial update just containing what I have so far. The next update will contain everything I’d originally planned to be part of this update, but for now I think there’s enough content to keep y’all happy.

Mace and Jackie’s First Dare

Feels like it’s been a minute since we’ve seen Mace and Jackie, doesn’t it? They’re stuck in a bit of a limbo right now, where the next projects I had planned for them are stalled, and I can’t really move on to anything new with them in the interim. Regardless, I thought this Dare might be a fun chance to see them again, plus this is an Applebridge pairing I don’t think would ever come about naturally. Anyway, hope y’all enjoy seeing Casey topped by the boys like this!


Casey Buckner Bio

For the longest time, Casey was a rough design and vibe in my head, and I never really had a good idea for who he was. My friend Ccat helped me workshop him a bit, and I have a much better idea of what his deal is. I also realized while talking to her that I like the idea of him being a barista by trade, and upon deciding that I decided he needed to be part of the Food Court update of my Studio Tour game. So it’s a good thing I know who he is now, it’ll make it easier to write him for that, haha.

Casey Buckner Character Ask 1

I had a pretty good idea for Casey’s response here right away, but I went back and forth on the visuals to go with it. I had a couple potential Studio members I considered pairing him up with who I thought fit the bill, but I often second-guess myself when it comes to pairing my OCs up with characters people know from other franchises. I liked this sketch I did of Casey with a couple guys, but decided it’d be best to just keep them anonymous and lean more into the “not picky” part of his answer. Either way, I’ve been happy with people’s responses to Casey so far, and I hope y’all will also enjoy seeing him get gangbanged a little.

Casey Buckner

This is a drawing I first sketched out in 2018. At the time, there was a character I liked in the game Gay Harem, and I wanted to get someone in Applebridge who had a similar energy. The idea is to get a pretty buff, thicc guy with long hair and a cute, feminine face. I wasn’t confident about the character at the time, though, and put the pic aside after getting the drawing partially inked. I think I just wasn’t completely happy with the actual image, and I also wasn’t sure if people would be into him or not. After the character came up on my Discord, though, I decided to go ahead and finish this image to get him out there.
Casey’s a bit like Corinne was, in that I don’t really have much of an idea of who he is beyond his basic design. Maybe I’ll be able to figure that out for him later, I dunno, but for now I just wanted to see if people were into him. I do have a couple ideas for pics I’d like to do with him if there’s interest, but if not I’m okay with letting him slip into the background.