Himiko Toga Character Ask 1

I don’t usually like answering Asks like this (although it’s not unheard of). Questions just asking a character to do a thing usually only fly if I can justify why a character would want to volunteer to do it, and also Asks pairing up characters who don’t have an established relationship need some sort of justification. So… here’s my justifications.
I do like the idea that Toga would’ve been looking for some excuse to answer an Ask, that seems more or less in character for her to me. She’s appeared in other people’s Asks, like Deku’s or Harley’s, but this is the first directed to her. As for her meeting Pitou, beyond just grabbing her to do this Ask, I do actually have a narrative reason for them to know each other.
I’ve never had an excuse to bring it up, but I’ve always liked the idea of the NHML winners having a loose affiliation with one another. To be more precise, I like the idea of once a year, them all getting together and having a little party together. They have food and drinks, music, and welcome in whichever twelve new NHML winners there were that year. So, off of that, Toga and Pitou would have some sort of connection just through them both being former NHML winners. I couldn’t think of any reason for that to play into the answer, though, so I’m putting it here instead.


      1. Animelover96

        Damn, you’re right, I forgot it. But he can make ibara shiozaki (the vine-hair girl), she’s a student so I hope he’ll make her.

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