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Himiko Toga Character Ask 1

I don’t usually like answering Asks like this (although it’s not unheard of). Questions just asking a character to do a thing usually only fly if I can justify why a character would want to volunteer to do it, and also Asks pairing up characters who don’t have an established relationship need some sort of justification. So… here’s my justifications.
I do like the idea that Toga would’ve been looking for some excuse to answer an Ask, that seems more or less in character for her to me. She’s appeared in other people’s Asks, like Deku’s or Harley’s, but this is the first directed to her. As for her meeting Pitou, beyond just grabbing her to do this Ask, I do actually have a narrative reason for them to know each other.
I’ve never had an excuse to bring it up, but I’ve always liked the idea of the NHML winners having a loose affiliation with one another. To be more precise, I like the idea of once a year, them all getting together and having a little party together. They have food and drinks, music, and welcome in whichever twelve new NHML winners there were that year. So, off of that, Toga and Pitou would have some sort of connection just through them both being former NHML winners. I couldn’t think of any reason for that to play into the answer, though, so I’m putting it here instead.

Neferpitou Character Ask 1

So, I’m always a little wary to do much with these two. I stopped watching Hunter × Hunter right around the time Pitou was introduced, so I didn’t experience her story or arc first-hand. I do know the events that transpire, though, so I just feel like I’m in a weird spot with their relationship. For those who played my game, though, you probably already have a good idea of their relationship in the Studio if you got Gon’s dialogue where he mentions her, but I figured this Ask might still be interesting for some. I put off answering this one for a long time mostly because I think there’s an inherent vagueness to it that makes it difficult to answer. Like, different circumstances can cover a wide, wide range of possibilities, and with infinite potential ways people can meet there’s always gonna be some way where people could get along well. I dunno, it was just kinda open, but I figured having Pitou appreciating Gon’s assets objectively might be a funny/cute way for her to respond.

NHML – Neferpitou

The Near Hentai Monthly Lady for July is Neferpitou from Hunter × Hunter. I know there’s some debate over this character’s gender in the fandom, but since the design includes noticeable chest bumps and this is the Near Hentai Monthly Lady, I’ll be referring to them as a female (also, as far as I can tell, the debate revolves around physical gender, not gender identity).

She’s the second H×H character to be featured in NHML, and since Killua was paired with Canary for that pic, I decided to pair Pitou with Gon. I don’t know what kind of relationship these two might’ve had in the series. Pitou seems to be a luitenant to the main villain of an arc or two, but then possibly switches sides? I have not done proper research here, but the scenes I saw of her seemed to suggest that.