MomSwap – Mei and Ming Lee

I watched Turning Red not long ago and thought it was a pretty fun kids movie. I really liked both Mei and her mother, and even though the movie’s built around them having a falling out I still thought their positive moments together were cute and wanted to get them into MomSwap. I figured I’d set it after the events of the film, allowing me to keep Mei’s red hair. I decided to go with her slightly messier non-clip hairstyle, too, since I thought that was her cutest look in the film. While red-haired Ming was also pretty nice in the film, I figured narratively it’d make more sense for her to have her darker hair here.


  1. XXXDragon

    Merida & Elinor (Brave), Kim & Ann (Kim Possible), Riley & Jill (Inside Out), Mirabel & Julieta (Encanto), Summer & Beth/Space Beth (Rick & Morty), Ryuko/Satsuki & Ragyo (Kill la Kill) are a few good ones you haven’t done yet.

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