Towa Character Ask 2

While I haven’t done much with them, I do like the Towa/Chronoa ship in concept. This Ask seemed like an easy answer to me, in terms of showing Chronoa eating out Towa’s ass, but I was worried her just choosing ass or pussy as a preference might not be that interesting. Choosing both is an easy third answer in situations like these, but I had to settle on a third party to make that happen. I’ve never drawn Towa or Chronoa with anyone else, but I figured it should at least be another Dragon Ball character. After some thinking, I decided that Android 21 would be an ideal partner for this for a couple of reasons. One is just that she’s popular but I never use her, so I figured some folks would be happy to see her. But also, her and Towa have a few things on common. They’re both original antagonists for the story modes of fighting games (with dubious canonicity to the main series), and in my work they’re also both former NHML winners. So she gets to jump in to take the other end for Towa’s answer.


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