Ochaco For Rent

This pic started from a convo on my Discord, which got me wanting to put Ochaco in some sort of bondage/restraint. I ended up sketching a few different poses and types of restraint, some of which I may ink and color later, but for now this is the one I went with. While I was inking it, I got a few extra ideas that I thought would add some spice to it. Since I’d drawn Ochaco looking off to the side, I added a mirror, and some papers on the other wall, adding a little bit of narrative and tying this pic to the U.A. Wall series. I like the idea of Toga renting Ochaco for some private fun, though she has to return her to the wall in one piece once her rental period is over. How she spends that time is left to y’all’s imagination.


  1. Sean

    I would love to read a fic about the UA wall series. Just seeing the UA boys and girls in bondage scenarios is super hot, and more context would be peak hotness.

  2. Devin

    She has the worst luck she’s likely not going to wind getting together with Deku, she’s also bi but has no idea how to bring that up to her friends. And now she’s kidnapped and it’s going to take forever to free her. Her quirk could help her but their is a ceiling in that room (and she’s also nude).

    So like Kacchan when he got kidnapped, she’s at random peoples mercy.

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