Amity Blight’s First Dare

Amity’s done anal before, but for some reason I felt like doing this new angle would be fun to see. I also liked the idea of her reaction to the dare, so I went with it even though it’s a fairly simple one.


  1. GH20

    Man, Amity is such a cutie, her green hair and snow white skin are a deadly combo to me. <3
    While i preffer to ship Lumity in a pure sense… gotta be honest, i would also be down to bag them in a friendly way like these 2 get fucked in their Near Studio counterparts. <3

    Also, like netero09 said above, would be interesting to see the purple hair amity too, but i'm still personally happy with using the green haired one, still my favorite version of her.

    1. Bruh

      Odalia, i heard Amity is being very naughty. I think you should tied to a table while she’s on her stomach then use a spanking abomaton to whip her back until she cries for mercy

      1. GH20

        1. Odalia isn’t in the studio yet, so you can’t ask her anything.
        2. Asks are a PAID subscibers benefit, you won’t get them for free at all.

  2. TA254

    Just wanted to say i love your art style. I also think it would be cool if you drew Amity with purple hair at somepoint. Can’t wait to see more by you!

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