Anya Forger’s First Dare

There were a couple of Dares I saw looking to get Anya some anal action. For some reason, this image immediately popped into my mind, and Goku seemed like the perfect guy to provide the cream for Anya’s pie.


  1. Violetty

    Anya’s taking over the studio! ❤️ And she’s sampling everyone she can! 😘 Pretty cute!

    I hope you get her to try and thwart villainous characters or get along with a fellow mind reader

  2. GH20

    Wow, she actually endured quite a lot, and with freaking Goku of all people!

    PD: I also would love to see an Anya footjob, but seeing so many comments saying the same thing it’s getting a bit annoying tbh…

    1. GH20

      Obligatory “Character asks are paid rewards” copypaste.

      I swear, Near kinda needs to add that as a note somewhere…

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