Gohan Posing Commission

This month one of my Lord Tier Subscribers got their bi-annual commission. The commissions at this tier are two-character ones, and this Subscriber asked if they could split that into two one-character pics. I couldn’t think of a good reason why not (usually people wanting just two characters posing will have them doing it in the same pic, but it’s not like it’s more work to have them be separate images), so this is the first of them. Just teen Gohan posing in a fairly inviting way. The other pic will come out in a couple days.


  1. José Carlos

    I wonder who will be the subscriber that sent you this commission But what I’m sure,
    who has excellent tastes. He was very accepted in choosing this Gohan because he is the most popular Gohan in the community
    pd: ¿And what is the subscription level of this commission?

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