Mob Psycho 100

Favorite Toy

Mukai and Tsuchiya are two psychics in Mob Psycho 100 who tend to hang out a lot. They have sort of a big sister/little sister relationship, and even though their screentime together is rather limited, I think they’re really cute together. I like Tsuchiya especially, as she has a bit of a Chun-Li energy to me, and I thought this powerful muscle chick getting fucked by her tiny loli friend would be pretty hot. Mukai’s gimmick is that she controls tolls and puppets, and she mentions wanting to make Mob into a toy, so I translated that into something more overtly sexual for this pic.

Shigeo Kageyama Character Ask 1

I’m not sure why I gravitated towards this Ask as the first one for this “batch”. I guess it’s partly because I immediately knew how I wanted to answer (Mob’s relationship with Ritsu is super cute, and I can’t picture him picking any other guy over him), and partly because I just haven’t done as much Mob Pyscho 100 content as I thought I would when I was watching the first season. I know some folks may be disappointed this pic’s not more lewd than it is, but I just really felt compelled to go more cutesy with this one. As for that smaller line of dialogue, Tsubomi-chan refers to the girl Mob crushes on from afar. I don’t have any plans to ever draw her, but it felt out of character for him to not at least think of her while giving his response. The mention doesn’t seem to have quelled Ritsu’s reaction to this answer any, though.

Son Goku Character Ask 8

So my very first thought when I saw this question was to have Goku answer he likes the meals after. It just… felt right. The way I conveyed that went through a few stages, though. At first I was going to just have him eating at a table or something, but I didn’t really feel like drawing a bunch of food and was worried people would find that too boring. So then I had this idea, and was thinking of maybe just having it be Gohan (since Gohan’s kinda his default “boy” partner). Mentioning the studio, though, I figured it’d be better to do a random boy from my roster instead. Mob recently got to make his debut in a commission, but in that pic we didn’t get to see much of him. I thought this would be a good chance to show off his goods, since I don’t know when he’ll be making another appearance again. While coloring it I had the idea of Goku’s food dribbling onto Mob’s butt cheeks. Maybe after he finishes the meat, Goku can lick it off for that final savory taste.

Mob and Ritsu Blowjob

So when I first watched Mob Psycho 100 a while back, I made some comments on my Discord about wanting to draw these two brothers working together to service a cock. One of my fans remembered that idea, and now that he’s an Epic Tier backer he decided to bring it to life. This is a bit different from what I’d originally intended myself, such as his request to have Mob in tighty whities, but I am pretty happy to bring these two out like this.