Trunks in Briefs

This is another Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers, looking to see kid Trunks in some tight-fitting boxer briefs. I don’t often draw clothes outside of things like character bios, but hopefully people who like these sorts of partially-dressed posing pics will enjoy this one.


  1. User#6b08a6a7

    It took me a quick moment, but I like this look. It is erotic without being explicate, and a series of this type should be considered. 🤔

  2. Robert

    Actually really like content like this. And with a bulge like that I can see why Trunks got so popular so fast in the studio.

  3. Darkness7500

    I REALLY like this kind of content. It’s erotic while being more suggestive than explicit. Partially clothed once in a while is fun to see.

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