Robin Hood

Robin Hood Character Ask 2

I admit, I’m not 100% sure what the question here was aiming at. I think it’s likely that it’s referring to some form of prostitution, but when I read it the first thing I pictured was Robin Hood holding someone’s balls like he would a bag of gold… But at any rate, like the Jody Ask earlier this is a Subscriber who I feel like gets passed over a lot because I often don’t know how to answer their questions, but since I had an idea for this one I did my best to fit it in here. I briefly considered using a furry for the anon here, but I had two hangups that made me go with a human instead. One was that, any fur color I chose would imply a specific partner from the movie, I felt like, and I didn’t want that. Also, when I thought about putting a furry’s balls in one’s mouth, all I could think of was the times I’ve gotten pet hair in my mouth one way or another, and it was an unpleasant thought.

Robin Hood Character Ask 1

So I did my best to answer this one in a way that would still be fun, even though I feel like the question itself is kinda off-base. Robin Hood’s the archetypal free spirit hero, so the only way I could see him becoming a “sex slave” is if something very dark happened. I did think there was some potential in drawing him again, though, so instead I went in a direction that was a little cheeky. I don’t think he’d be willing to do something like this with just anyone, though, but Maid Marian’s someone he’d trust. I didn’t include her in this pic just because I know this supporter prefers yaoi, so I stripped the visual portion down to just some male BDSM.

Foxes in the Woods

This is the next in line of the Twenty commission slots I’m selling, a cute picture of Disney’s Robin Hood and Maid Marian in the woods. The client for this one didn’t specify a pose, just that it should be vaginal, so I went with something that I thought captured the character’s personalities.

I’ve always really liked Disney’s version of Maid Marian, and have come close to drawing her a few times in the past. Something usually gets in the way, but I’m happy to have a pic with her finally up here. Hopefully some day I can draw her again.