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Bra Briefs Character Ask 5

I’ve been wanting to do a position like this with Ashido ever since I first drew her showing off flexibility back in 2018, and this Ask seemed like the perfect opportunity to go for it. Kirishima seemed like the natural partner for this threesome (although GT Trunks would’ve been the runner-up, if I wanted to go with Bra bringing in a guy instead), he’s my preferred MHA male partner for Ashido. I didn’t realize when I picked this Ask to answer, but looking at some of what’s coming up, we’re actually gonna see Ashido a few more times before too long (not back-to-back, but she will likely show up at least a couple more times soon). So her fans should be able to look forward to that.

Pajama Party Pussy, Page 1

This is the first page of “Pajama Party Pussy”, the winning comic for the “yuri” slot of my four comic ongoing rotation on SubscribeStar. The premise here is to get the three younger ladies from Dragon Ball GT together for some naughty fun. This first page is mostly setting stuff up, but in a few months when its turn wraps back around I’m sure we’ll see some good action from these gals.

Bra Briefs Character Ask 4

Due to things like Mini Commissions and Asks, Bra’s gotten involved with a few of the My Hero Academia boys in some of her crossover appearances in the past. This question looks to explore her relationship with the girls, and since we’ve already seen Bra having fun with other girls like Pan I can’t think of any reason why she wouldn’t go for some crossover yuri action. I think Bra would probably have a good relationship with Momo, with both girls being kinda spoiled rich girls, while I could also see her getting along with a more tomboyish character like Jiro in the same way as she might would with Pan. However, I picked Mina for her partner in this Ask for a couple of reasons. One is, I think their colors match up well, but more importantly I just think their energies would gel and they’d get along great. Mina’s so vibrant and outgoing, which makes her easy to pair with pretty much anyone, but I think these two might bond well over things like fashion and music. I don’t know, there’s just something about them that pairs well in my head. Maybe it’s just that they both feel a bit mischievous to me, like they’ve got some bratty tendencies (but not malicious ones). So here we are, with a cute little pic of the two of them.

Bra Briefs Character Ask 3

This one fits into a similar category as the recent Hiro Akiba Ask, where the answer seems a bit obvious but I thought it’d still be cute to play it straight and give the obvious answer. I honestly don’t remember a ton of interaction between the three GT daughters in the show itself (though I could be forgetting some stuff), but I always thought Bra and Pan were a cute couple even before seeing GT. Marron’s a bit of an outlier, though I’m sure she’s still available for fun with both the other girls.

February ’20 One-Shot

Here is the winning One-Shot from last month, featuring Trunks and Goten paired up with Bra and Pan. This was kinda a fun one to do, even if I’m personally more interested in either the incestuous take on this foursome, or doing it gayer with Bra x Pan or Goten x Trunks. This version is cute in its own way, though, and I do definitely see how people could latch on to Trunks and Pan’s dynamic in GT. Hope you all enjoy the comic. ^_^

Bra Briefs Character Ask 1

When I was thinking about this Ask, I kinda felt like… Bra prolly wouldn’t have a great reference point for what a Saiya-jin is like, right? Even her dad, a pure-blooded Saiya-jin who hasn’t suffered brain trauma, is pretty domesticated by the time she comes around. Still, I tried to have a little fun with her answer, trying my best to keep her in-character. I think there’s a good chance this supporter was hoping to see Bra with Bakugou in the response, but instead I just sort of hinted at it…

Bra U.A. Blowbang

The person behind this MC is really invested in Bra (or Bulla, if you prefer) from Dragon Ball GT being paired with boys from My Hero Academia. Since Mini Commissions are limited to one character, we tried to convey who these guys are through their pubic hair (which I usually don’t draw, but here it’s an identifier). Hopefully it’s obvious who’s who, but from left-to-right we’ve got Kaminari, Bakugou and Kirishima. Hope you all enjoy!

Chi-Chi and Bra

So I first started this pic back in February. I don’t remember what specifically inspired it, other than my general desire to do more Dragon Ball yuri, but I like the idea of Chi-Chi going after Bra and/or Pan (or maybe Marron?). By this point she’s had decades of experience with Gohan, Goten, Trunks, etc… so she has a lot of experience she can pass on to the new generation.
The GT design of Chi-Chi is not my favorite of hers, but I think she’s still got it. I’d like to do more with Chi-Chi, Bulma and 18 from this series with their respective daughters/granddaughters, so I hope y’all like this. The perspective on this one was kind’ve a challenge, but I had a real specific vision in mind and I stuck with it as best I could. I got pretty close to what I was imagining.