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Ash Ketchum Character Ask 11

Ash is one of those boys that’s been passed around a lot since arriving in the Studio. He’s been with Goku, Vegeta, Luffy, Deku, Gohan, and many others. I didn’t feel like he’d go for a crossover to answer a question like this, though. It made sense to me he’d feel most comfortable with Brock, who I’ve drawn him with a handful of times. So that what we went with here.

Poké Threesome in Tent 2

Here’s another commission off the list of Twenty, from the same client who commissioned the last pic of these three. Commissions may be a bit slow for a while still… I’m having a rough time with one of the other clients and am trying to avoid a situation where I’m working on two commissions at the same time. Hopefully I can wrap up business with this other commission soon and move on with the list properly.