Kaori Makimura Character Ask 2

I’m really happy Kaori seems to have picked up some fans and is getting questions for Asks. I was thinking about this question, trying to think of anyone around the Studio she might want to work with, but it wasn’t clicking quite right. When it comes to Kaori in yuri content, the main thing I want to do is pair her with other women from City Hunter. She mentions Saeko in her answer, but there were other one-episode characters I thought she’d pair well with, too. However, Asks can only use characters who’ve been established in my work already, and the question seemed to be more about the Studio setting, so I did pick someone to pair her with. Kipo’s showed up in a few other people’s Asks now, and I kinda find it easy to picture her making lots of friends and getting involved in people’s Asks like this. It just fits my understanding of her character and how she’d fit into an environment like the Near Hentai Studios. So I pulled her in here for this, partly for that, and partly because I liked the idea of a 1985 anime character scissoring a 2015 webcomic-turned-western cartoon character. They couldn’t be from much different worlds.


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