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Gohan F Character Ask 1

I recognize that the person who asked this question may have been looking for for, like… someone like Zangya, or someone who could femdom girl Gohan. However, I don’t know if I really see Gohan as someone who seeks out that sort of thing actively, but rather just rolls with it if she likes whomever the other woman is. If Gohan F is going to be showing up in more works, though, I thought this Ask could be a good opportunity to start introducing more friends that are unique to her. As fun as it is to see Gohan F pairing up with people who the original Gohan is associated with, I think it makes sense for her to have her own friend group, too. Rin just kinda clicked to me as someone Gohan F might get along well with, although I don’t know how well I could articulate it beyond Rin being a smart, outdoorsy girl (though less social than Gohan). I also kinda like the idea of Gohan F being subconsciously reminded of one of her moms by Rin’s signature hairstyle.

Ochaco Uraraka Character Ask 4

There’s been some interest in doing something with Gohan F in the Asks for a while, but for one reason or another I just hadn’t been able to get to any of them until now. I’m not sure how much the women of Dragon Ball F go out and interact with the friends their male counterparts have in the Studio, but I figured Ochaco would be more than open to checking out Gohan F’s body.

Dragon Ball F – Son Gohan

So I’m trying out the Dragon Ball F concept a bit more, and I had a lot of characters I wanted to try out “F” versions of but never did. I decided to go ahead and do one of the most popular characters in my work, teen Gohan. I think F Gohan keeps the longer hairstyle up through the fight with Cell, which is probably the biggest change to her design (besides the normal girly parts). We see Gohan relaxing here on the steps of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, no doubt watching her Saiya-jin mom training to fight Cell. I did both a base form and a Super Saiya-jin form, for some variety.