Dragon Ball F – Son Gohan

So I’m trying out the Dragon Ball F concept a bit more, and I had a lot of characters I wanted to try out “F” versions of but never did. I decided to go ahead and do one of the most popular characters in my work, teen Gohan. I think F Gohan keeps the longer hairstyle up through the fight with Cell, which is probably the biggest change to her design (besides the normal girly parts). We see Gohan relaxing here on the steps of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, no doubt watching her Saiya-jin mom training to fight Cell. I did both a base form and a Super Saiya-jin form, for some variety.


  1. Futa Fan

    Near bro, please draw futa Chi-chi fucking Gohan. You’re so close. The pieces are all here. I believe in you! Also, great work thus far.

  2. Ikeny

    @Nearphotison Wow friend, you did an excellent job without a doubt you have raffled it with this photo and in the other because of what I saw in one of your descriptions about this universe and how you explained why the public did not like this concept, it was perhaps because you did not publish A lot about the female versions of the Dragon Ball characters, that and added to the fact that some designs were not as striking as those of now (Goku’s especially his first design was not very striking like the one now) so I wish you luck Near ???? you have my support on this idea of ​​this universe

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