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Seras Victoria Character Ask 2

So I guess the answer to this one is maybe a little informative? I watched Hellsing years before I started drawing porn, and while I might think of it occasionally when I make an AMV with it or something, it’s not on the forefront of my mind and I don’t think it’s super likely I’ll just spontaneously want to draw a bunch of Hellsing smut. Like Seras said, she got into the Studio due to someone writing her into a One-Shot script, and while that’s not the only way for characters to get in, it’s the most likely way for characters from shows I’m kind of done with. As far as my personal opinions on using Alucard or Integra, since Seras wouldn’t be able to answer that, I’d be fine with drawing either of them, but don’t have a ton of ideas. Alucard I might could see using as a straight partner for Seras, but really I’m not super interested in using him. I get that he’s hot, but for some reason the idea of him having sex feels weird to me. Integra’s got some good lesbian energy with Seras, and I could picture using her as a gay partner for the police girl, or maybe something with the female vampire that assaulted her in the anime (I don’t remember the scene super clearly, but I’m sure I could find it). I can’t say I can really picture using Integra in anything but yuri at the moment, though.
As for this Ask itself, while I was worried that the answer might not be fun enough on its own, the little compliment to Seras’s butt gave me an excuse to spice up the imagery. Why wouldn’t she show it off while answering?

Seras Victoria Character Ask 1

I wanted to answer this question for two reasons. One is just that I wanted to draw Seras again. She’s one of those characters I’m fond of, but I haven’t watched or thought about Hellsing in years so she’s not someone I think of often. Another reason is that I knew the answer right away. A haunted mansion where Lillian and the other Halloween characters (my OC’s, or licensed spooky characters) live on the Studio is an older concept I’ve never gotten around to using. Getting to explain it here is nice, even though I hope to get to bring it up in the Near Hentai Studio Tour game eventually.

December ’19 One-Shot

Here’s the One-Shot I did for December, selected from nominations sent in by my supporters. Of course the holidays referenced in this comic have now passed, but it was more timely for my supporters. ^_^; This one presented a couple of unique challenges. First, was that I have very little experience working with the Fairly OddParents style (I’ve drawn it before, but it’s been ages). I did my best to find a compromise between my more realistic approach I usually use and the uber-stylized designs of the original characters. Also, the last panel was left completely open to me (except the dialogue). I decided that, since the pic was presented as a message from the Studio versions of characters, I should use Siat Wildstar, who’s sort of the mascot of the Studio. Since her panel is all about looking forward to the new year, too, I decided to work in a “look forward” theme, with her training three new characters (or, in Kefla’s case, a combination of two characters already in the Studio). Darkness is the last of the main KonoSuba girls for me to bring in, and Nessa’s a popular new character I’ve gotten a few requests for. Seras in the first panel is also new, though she’s been nominated for NHML maybe a dozen times. It’s also fun to bring in Mrs. Claus from the comic I did with CCat for Christmas 2018, paired again with her favorite boys, Mace and Jackie.