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Jade Chan Character Ask 2

I don’t know if I’ve talked about this any, but when I was making the Sleepover Raid comic (which to date is the main thing Jade’s done in my library of work) I had a tendency to kind of pair the girls up with each other. It wasn’t super overt, but signs of affection or anything like that all hinted at the pairings I had in my head. Riley was paired with Violet, Penny with Coraline, and Jade with Ellie. I also had pairings for the boys in mind (Trunks with Gwen and Goten with Jade, so Jade actually had two, but that’s okay because Ellie’s gonna get another girlfriend eventually in Clementine), but since the comic was a big orgy-turned-gangbang the pairings weren’t, like, super official or anything. But when I got this Ask, which seemed to be fishing for a crossover answer, I thought I’d go back to that and bring up the Ellie/Jade pairing again. If you go back and read the comic with them as an off-screen couple in mind, I think you’ll see where the affection comes in with some of their interactions. ^_^


A long time ago, I ran a poll asking folks who I should pair Jade Chan up with. At the time I was drawing her for a commission, and was wanting to do more with her. The poll ended up being a moot point, as the Sleepover Raid comic was commissioned soon after, and I had plenty of opportunities to draw Jade again.

However, I recently started getting the itch to draw Jade with herself, specifically her future version that appears in a couple of episodes. I always enjoy the contrast of a loli with a fully-developed woman, and the fact that both are Jade Chan is just icing on the cake.