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Scout Leaders

I wanted to do something with Attack on Titan’s Hange Zoë, and figured a little clean break for the leaders of the scouts might be fun. I have a few regrets about this pic, and almost didn’t finish it, but hopefully fans of this series will like it nonetheless.

Also, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month, for anyone who’s interested:

Krillin Character Ask 1

I feel like a fight between Levi and Krillin would be pretty one-sided, especially since the skills Levi uses to be such an effective Titan hunter probably wouldn’t be super effective against Krillin. I think the idea of Levi and Krillin, both being short kings with the status as the strongest humans in their dimensions makes sense, though, even if I couldn’t really see them working outside of this context.

Levi Ackerman Character Ask 1

This Ask is actually me re-purposing some old, unused art. This was my first draft for Levi’s Dare, before I changed my mind about how to handle it. In the first draft, Levi was instead going to bottom to Season 4 Eren, but I decided to instead have it be Season 1 Eren with Mikasa watching. I liked this drawing, though, so I used it for this kinda similar Ask. I figured people might appreciate me sticking with the original top’s identity, too, hence Levi referencing whose cock is inside him in his answer.

Levi Ackerman’s First Dare

I decided to do two Dares this month, and this is the first. There were a couple Dares submitted looking to see Levi fucked by someone. While there wasn’t any mention of who it should be, I did find myself thinking something like this might be fun. I admit that I’m no expert on AoT characterization, but I had this image of Mikasa cheering Eren on while Levi sort of berates him. I don’t know how well it plays for fans of the series, but I like the dynamic and I hope it works for y’all.

First Shoot #5 – Levi Ackerman

I included Levi in the most recent First Shoot poll just because he seemed kinda popular amongst AOT fans. I only barely know who he is, but I tried to capture my impression of his personality here. His partner, Pomeline, is a central character in DC’s Gotham Academy. I drew her a couple times back when I had an Epic (monthly commission) Tier on Patreon, for a supporter who really liked the series (though he mostly commissioned Olive and Maps).