First Shoot #5 – Levi Ackerman

I included Levi in the most recent First Shoot poll just because he seemed kinda popular amongst AOT fans. I only barely know who he is, but I tried to capture my impression of his personality here. His partner, Pomeline, is a central character in DC’s Gotham Academy. I drew her a couple times back when I had an Epic (monthly commission) Tier on Patreon, for a supporter who really liked the series (though he mostly commissioned Olive and Maps).


  1. Devin

    I love Levi’s hip out! He’s so used to leading a group and hitting Eren so getting an easy life where things are always clean and he can do what ever he wants sounds like a dream. He won’t let people know it but he’s been missing some action… He’s used to rougher sex so he isn’t as patient as he could be.

    Never watched an episode of this show but if an abridged series joke showed Eren liked being hit by Levi then we can assume he likes rough sex in fanon.

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