Levi Ackerman’s First Dare

I decided to do two Dares this month, and this is the first. There were a couple Dares submitted looking to see Levi fucked by someone. While there wasn’t any mention of who it should be, I did find myself thinking something like this might be fun. I admit that I’m no expert on AoT characterization, but I had this image of Mikasa cheering Eren on while Levi sort of berates him. I don’t know how well it plays for fans of the series, but I like the dynamic and I hope it works for y’all.


  1. Violetty

    Sweet dare, I say!

    Mikasa does support Eren as much as she could with whatever he wants, and Levi does get strict/upset when it comes to his squad performing suboptimally, so I think you’re good with the characterizations! 👍

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