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Kaa Character Ask 1

This is something I thought some people might enjoy. I haven’t done anything with Kaa in ages, but the Hypno’s Harem series seems to have revitalized a bit of an interest in hypnosis fetishism in my community and I’ve seen his name come up a few times. There’s even a One-Shot script that’s being submitted featuring Kaa and a few boys (and, funnily enough, that script ended up winning), so I figured I’d go ahead and use this Ask to get a little snake action going. I almost didn’t use Mowgli, just to vary up Kaa’s partners from previous works, but it felt wrong to not include him. Mokuba got in on this because I haven’t drawn him in a while, plus he’s one of the boys from that script I mentioned so I figured there was some interest in seeing him like this.
As for Kaa’s answer, it’s based on my understanding of how his hypnosis works. In the movie, it seems like any distraction makes it easy for Mowgli to break free, and it makes sense intuitively to me that he’d only need a short time to mesmerize someone. Functionally, the purpose of his ability is just to lull prey into a dazed state so he can eat them, unlike Hypno’s more advanced ability that allows for complete control until he releases it. Not exactly useful for harem building, but still good for some quick fun.

April ’22 One-Shot

Like all of my monthly One-Shot comics, the script for this was submitted by one of my supporters on SubscribeStar. The idea for this script was to see Kaa hypnotizing a few boys. Other than Mowgli, I’m not sure why these specific boys were chosen, but here they are! Funnily enough, there is an Ask coming out in the future that I drew before this script won where I use some of these same characters, because I knew at least one of my Subscribers wanted to see Kaa hypnotize them. Due to how I release stuff this ended up going public first, but y’all will see that Ask coming up sometime in June.