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November ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic for the month of November, as always written by one of my SubscribeStar supporters. The idea behind this one was basically to pair up a bunch of different MILF characters in the Studio, although a couple are moms we never really get to see mothering. We don’t see full yuri One-Shot winners very often. There’s some fun and different characters here, I think, and hopefully MILF fans will be able to enjoy this one.

NHS Fusions – Nicola Bunnerson

The theme for this Fusion’s poll was furry ladies, and Nicole and Lola both won out in the end. Now both of the Watterson’s I’ve drawn before have been fused, which I think is interesting. Cabbits are a bit of a thing (Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo is one, for example), so that’s the direction I tried to go with her. I tried to stick with the less-stylized approach I used for Nicole’s previous appearance, while working in some of her facial features but giving her Lola’s hair and ears. I hope you all like this blue cabbit girl!

Nicole Watterson’s Alone Time

The Amazing World of Gumball is a show that rose to popularity in the gap of my life where I wasn’t really watching cartoons. I was aware of it, and I remember seeing pieces of the later seasons when I got back into cartoons later, but I never really watched it much. However, I did see a lot of the porn it spawned, some of which was very good, and slowly I got more interested in a few of the characters. I have talked in the past about how intimidating I can find more stylized shows, of course, and Gumball is one show where sticking closely to the official designs while still trying to keep my usual approach to bodies would not have turned out well. So I never touched the show, until recently I decided to do a “test run”. I’ve been doing more of these lately, and probably will do more in the future, where I attempt franchises I’m interested in but not confident in my ability to translate well. This is my attempt at Nicole Watterson, the main MILF of the show and the character who caught my eye the most in other people’s work. I did just a simple pic of her, to see if I can, but if people like this I might do more with her and some of the other characters from the show I like. I can’t promise anything, but we’ll see how things go.