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Power Character Ask 2

Just a friendly reminder that this Ask was done on SubscribeStar before Makima’s Studio debut.

Power, Denji and Aki all came into the Studio in different ways, and I’ve never gotten around to doing much with them. This is partly because, well, as much as I like their dynamic, I just don’t really ship any of them with each other. I figured this Ask would be a convenient way to explore how I see their dynamic in the Studio. They don’t share the same small apartment anymore, but I don’t think Power would vibe with that as easily as the boys. It’s very easy for me to picture her just crashing at either’s place, disrupting Aki’s nights with Himeno or tempting Denji while he tries to remain chaste. I think Makima will actually debut publicly before this Ask, but for Subscribers she’ll actually be debuting a month or so later. Regardless, I wanted to touch on their dynamic while Denji’s still saving himself.

Power’s First Dare

Goku’s once again helping a young lady out with her Dare. What a guy!

This one’s a bit simple, even the same type of Dare that Akira did earlier. However, I kinda had this idea of how Power would interact with this Dare differently, even if it’s not obvious how in the pic itself. Goku, while having a huge cock, is probably not who anyone would pick as the biggest in the Studio. Power, however, got this Dare and kinda half-assed finding a big cock. She knew Goku was a big one, so she just went straight for him. I thought some people might also get a kick out of this unconventional pair. I also know there’s been a lot of buzz about Power’s ass lately (at the time of posting to SubscribeStar, anyway), so I went with an angle to highlight it.

Beach Treat, Page 1

This month we begin our new yuri ongoing comic, replacing Pajama Party Pussy. It seems people wanted to see some of the Chainsaw Man ladies having some fun. At first I was worried about how this comic would mess up the narrative I had going with Denji about waiting for Makima, due to the SS ongoings posting earlier than everything else, but then the May NHML ended up doing that even worse. At any rate, Kobeni gets to debut here. Even though we only see them for a bit, I gave her and Power canon swimsuits we’ve seen before. I don’t think Makima has anything like that, though, but I figured a simple white bikini would work for her. Our ladies’ beach trip got steamy pretty quickly, and I hope y’all will look forward to the next page.

NHS Fusions – Powyor

While I’ve resolved to cut back on adding too many new Fusions to the Studio, I do still want to do them occasionally. I had the idea a while ago to run a Fusion poll for Subscribers made up of only First Shoot rookies, so once we hit ten I decided we could celebrate that way. So, of the first ten FS rookies, Yor and Power ended up winning the poll. I can’t say this result is terribly surprising, and I decided to go with the funniest name option I had on my list. I hope you all like Powyor, and maybe we’ll see her again down the road.

Power Character Ask 1

So, I had this image in my head of Power adjusting to the Studio. I picture her looking around, watching videos, and kind of copying what she sees. In this case, I thought it’d be kinda cute if she just flat-out imitates the last thing she saw (Cat Noir’s recent Ask, Power was intrigued by his name and so sought out his Ask when it released), but despite just copying someone else is extremely proud and boastful of her performance. Hopefully that comes across well here.

First Shoot #9 – Power

Power was the third winner from this poll, tying with Rukia and Jeice. She’s become a real popular character since Chainsaw Man blew up, and I expect we’ll probably be seeing her around quite a bit. Her random partner, The Thing, was kind of a surprise, but I thought the idea of her not listening to him and insisting on calling him the Rock Devil would play well against his gruff personality.